"Business Analytics" by Dr. Richard Huntsinger
coming 2024 from Cambridge University Press

Business analytics is all about leveraging data analysis and analytical modeling methods to better achieve business objectives. For senior and graduate students in business or data science, this innovative text presents methods and business cases in an intuitive fashion, backed up with a medial level of mathematical rigor. The balance makes the material suitable for students with a broad range of backgrounds: those looking for “So that’s how it works!”, those looking for “So that’s what it’s for!”, and those looking for "So that's how to do it!" Students will come away well-positioned and well-differentiated for their future industry, consulting, academic, and government roles as data-savvy business practitioners.

Special features:
  • Accessible to both business students and data science students with a variety of business, math, and programming backgrounds.
  • Demonstrates how to choose the right analytical methods for the job.
  • Covers a comprehensive collection of both established and cutting-edge analytical methods.
  • Professional-grade business cases are based on real industry data.